Talent, Talent, Who's got the Talent?

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Talent, Talent, Who's got the Talent?

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Talent/Kehole refers to a set of security procedures for managing clearances and documents on the Keyhole orbital reconnaissance satellite project*. It was born secret sixty years ago, and remains classified above Top Secret now. Apparently, for the past two years, however, TK documents have been accessible on a need to pee basis**, as at least three Talent/Keyhole (TK) reports have been retrieved in the Trump documents case.

https://twitter.com/Angry_Staffer/statu ... 7276551168

If Catalina is shaking, it is because Townsend Brown is spinning in his grave.

Keyhole was the clue dropped by "Morgan" that put Townsend's career into perspective for me. When matched against the developments leading to the US space program, it made complete sense.

Keyhole Satellites,introduced in the late sixties, are up to version 12, now. Their camera resolution has shrunk from 5 feet in diameter originally, down to five inches. What sort of people might have been consulted on the first optics design? I nominate Fenmore Johnson, designer of underwater cameras for the NRL and Brad Schank, movie maker for the Atomic Energy Commission. As a first alternate, I suggest Edward Whaley Seabrook Hull, underwater photographer, WWII hero decorated for his solo reconnaissance flight over Iwo Jima, and dedicated underwater photographer. Townsend would have known and worked with all of them.

*See What is a keyhole satellite and what can it really spy on? https://science.howstuffworks.com/trans ... flight.htm

**if you have been living on Mars, a recently released photo shows floor to ceiling banker boxes against the wall and in the shower of a Mar-a-Largo bathroom.
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