The Spiritual Implications of Time Travel, Etc.

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The Spiritual Implications of Time Travel, Etc.

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I want to pull this topic forward as well.

The Spiritual Implications of Time Travel, Etc., specifically the way Mikado brought it back up most recently: ... =90#p21016
I am bringing this thread to the top and I ask the question of the title with an addendum:

What are the Spritiual Implications of Time Travel......if any?

I have contemplated a statement that "as the army was coming in one gate, I was going out the other" and I have thought deeply upon this.

I think of watching an older gentleman handing a helmet to a younger man in the mud and feel no spriritual implication other than the sorrow I felt for the young man. The need to go over put my arm around his shoulder but not being able to.

If there is a natural law that preempts the "saving of your young sister's life" than what, who/whom has written those laws? If corporeal travel in time becomes available, would we know the pain Captain Kirk felt when he had to let Edith Keeler die? Could any of us here on the forum be able to do so?

I've been thinking on this for several weeks, and the topic is so deep once you get going.

So there is the question of whether you are able to change events in the past (and if so, what that might do the the future -- our present). Then there is the question of even if you can -- whether you should.

Do you change the past just by visiting it and participating in it? Just by breathing the air and taking up space?

Do similar questions exist if we were to travel from our present to the future? Do we somehow change the future by visiting it, or somehow change the past by leaving our present?

I submit there has to be some natural resiliency to the system, allowing time travel but perhaps not allowing the changing of major substantive events, but I cannot substantiate this general feeling on my part. It is based on the conversation between TTB and the young Morgan which essentially implied that while saving the life of his sister was not possible, other things are possible.

And I come back to the main resting place after a lot of spinning around these questions, Morgan's answer was essentially "to help in any way I can."

When handed any tool or power, we must live up to the capacity for both negative and positive uses of that tool or power. That is the spiritual aspect of time travel for me. Is any of us morally/spiritually mature enough to have access to that? How do you prepare for that? Yoga? Meditation? Contemplation?