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This is apparently an old post but I thought that it might be interesting to discuss while we are waiting for Pauls next chapter. I would appreciate those of you who would like ... take a look at this and tell me your impression.

I was a little lost with the first few paragraghs but then the photos seem interesting and I was just wondering why more hasn't been said about this, or perhaps its all been discounted as a hoax already and I just haven't heard bout that yet.

"3 days later, February 28, 1996, an astounding event took place, when the shuttle and its crew were separated from the Tether and satellite by over 77 nautical miles, a swarm of UFOs flurried about the Tether and satellite as Space Shuttle Astronaut, Claude Nicollier, took video footage (using a hand-held black & white video camera designed to see into the "Near Ultraviolet" invisible to the human eye) of what appeared to be over fifty, pulsing, giant UFOs"

Now surely, did this just die a supreme death like the story of the giant trangle over Phoenix? Or was it a hoax? Or does nobody want to talk about it?

Some of the UFOs can be measured as they pass "behind" the 12-mile long Tether (using the tether as a relative measuring device) at over 3 miles in diameter,
making them "Independence Day" sized craft. The very fact that the UFOs clearly pass "behind" the 12-mile long Tether and not infront of it, eliminate the possibility of an optical illusion created when a small object passes infront of the camera relative to a far distant background object. Because the facts are clearly visible, these giant discs cannot be smaller than 2-3 miles in diameter"

Anybody want to talk about "Pulsing UFOs that some are saying are just big capacitors? How would they know that? Input? Elizabeth