Chapter 18 " Wagner in the Trees"

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Chapter 18 " Wagner in the Trees"

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Maybe its just the title that has stopped people from checking out this chapter, which I thought was a wonderful look at this young couple.Drawing obviously on your wealth of inside family information. Great!

When you mentioned them running into the chemistry teacher and the comment Josephine overheard I thought "Of course Townsend was helping her with her homework and explaining things so that they made sense to Josephine." But of course, they were still trying to keep their relationship a secret from prying small town eyes. Strikes me as really good training for what lay ahead for both of them. If you can keep a secret in a small town you are pretty well set!

Their unconventional wedding is something to really be studied too because what speaks more of a persons character than important events in their lives? Townsend Brown and Josephine broke many rules! She was married in a travelling suit I think that the article said. How appropriate! Ready to go! Had her bags packed I'll bet when she was saying her vows. I'll bet life with Townsend Brown never slowed up after that! She must have been a wonderful and charming woman. And strong.

And I can see that the little green teapot will be a prominent part of their lives together, probably the only thing that she called "home" from the looks of it.

Does the family still have the teapot? What a legacy of romance! I hope it survives. Martin.