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Re: Whitley Strieber2

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I always get a laugh at people's arrogance and assumptions. They throw out that phrase all the time. Are they really talking to the dead? I mean yeah, they say, "I'm Ab Lincoln, Yo It's Tesla.. Peace and love, or I'm channeling Seth!" -.-
really! In all truth, does anyone really know who they're talking to.
I think it's pure arrogance to state that this is that and that is this.
I mean we know so little about other realms and dimensions. I for one am not going to take an being's word on it's identity unless I can verify it! Call me a skeptic. :wink:

I mean for all you know, you could be talking to someone in the past, future, an angel, a demon, some ET from Andromeda, who's buddies are rolling at the cosmic joke they are play on you. Perhaps it a hyper intelligent pan-dimentional being :o

Trickfox wrote:
If you're fascinated by REAL magic, don't miss our interviews with Fred Alan Wolf on this week's Dreamland, when he talks about time travel…and MORE. For subscribers, he has an intimate discussion with Anne Strieber about mediums and contacting the dead.
Ok... well how close do you think we are to this group of people. They are talking about contacting the dead....Are we asking ourselves the same questions here?

Contacting the dead!!!! does anyone in the forum believe that mankind can contact the dead with some sort of communications technology, or it just a feeling that somehow in our dreams we just "get the feeling" that the dead are talking to us. This is an important question because it seperates the "us" from the "them" in many cultures.

I just want to distinguish between people who may some day try to claim that Thomas Townsend Brown created a device to communicate with the dead.

I personally doubt this. Does anyone else agree?

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Damned good answer.

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That was a very good answer Elizabeth!
The psychopropulsier (as pointed out in the book The Good-bye man by Linda Brown and Jan Lofton) is a Quantum entanglement project under development using Quantum Junctions. Join us at http://www.Peeteelab.com
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Elizabeths answer

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Ya gotta watch that Elizabeth! She runs just beneath the surface of all of these conversations. Sometimes she's the "welcome wagon", sometimes she is the referee, all the time she is a gracious hostess who SAYS she hardly understands a word we are saying. Then she comes up with a comment about Shrodingers cat when Trickfox asked about communicating with the dead.

I had to go and look him up! He was the dude in quantum mechanics that put forward the problem about a cat being dead and alive at the same time! Ha! After I saw that I realized how really under the radar you keep Elizabeth!. My hat is off to you! As Trickfox said. That is one damned good answer. grinder