Chapter 9 " On the Shoulders of Giants"

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Chapter 9 " On the Shoulders of Giants"

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I suppose that this chapter was a necessary explanation of how different theories developed. ( Giant shoulders, Newton, Faraday, Orsted, Maxwell Max Planck and then of course Einstein. Paul gives a respectful nod to everyone and then at the very end of his chapter, one sentence.

"Of course, Einstein had no way ( I corrected the error there Paul. A proofreading note) of knowing on the other side of the world, a young man sitting in a freshman physics class believed he had found the actual, PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION of what Einstein was trying to express as a mere theory." (The caps are mine!)

That seems to be the major difference between Dr. Brown and other scientists of his day, or at least most of them. He didn't seem to develop a theory which he set out to prove, as others did. He somehow seemed to know already that something would work .... the math theory to bolster it was left far behind. I find that amazing! And it must have been terribly frustrating and perplexing because if others have not been in that territory they certainly will not believe you if you try to tell them about it. Look what happened to him when he tried to get someone to just look at what he was willing to demonstrate. Oh, But wait. Thats another chapter!

It has been one of the great fears of my career as a teacher, that some wonderful student with that spark of genius will approach me for help and encouragement, and I will not recognize him or her, So the answer to that is, you just treat EVERYONE as the genius that I really believe they are, at one level or another. Wish that courtesy had been given to Townsend Brown. Mark C.