Trickfox Quotes (Massive List)

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Trickfox Quotes (Massive List)

Post by Henry_Yang »

I have started digging through ALL of Trickfox's posts to make sure nothing is left behind in the way of the Blomgren + Riconosciuto + TTBrown + Tesla technologies and the hints he left behind about how they (may) work. These are my results up to page 18. Will continue until the end (page 98) when time permits.

David... I believe you attempting to define (or re-define) Euclidean Geometry verses non-Euclidean geometry as it applies to "field tensors"! I believe all of this is covered in Einstein's special relativity and the time Continuity theorem!
If we cannot use any static terms whatsover, there is no foundation at all and the only foundation left -is the definition of time INTERVAL!
This boils down to Minkowski's invariance of the INTERVAL theorem.
See page 37 of this book: SPACETIME PHYSICS by Taylor/Wheeler ISBN 0-7167-0336-x
Here is a scan of the page:

The only major point of contention is the Minkowski w quantity which is define as an "imaginary number".
This is where the "Time continuity theorem" begins it's rather complex arguments which are yet to be resolved.
Guess he means when a common arithmetic sum (Σ) becomes an integral (∫) of infinite continuity. There is also the enigmatic ⨋ to consider.

According to another Canadian named Smith..... "IT" does NOT cause motion, the "operator's mind" causes "It" to have motion.
In other words we may be dealing with a combined "vehicle" AND "communications project" involving "mind over matter".
It could be that you have to build pegassus with whatever it takes to get LIFT only (as in freedom from gravitational pull/push), from then on the control of movement, direction, speed, and perhaps even DIMENSIONAL CONSISTENCY becomes an issue of mind over matter...
As long as we are speculating here, I just thought I might throw that issue in.
As for "breaking the laws of physics". I have done that already in past experiments involving "Shannon Laws" in Communications theory. You are correct. The laws of physics are not laws at all, they are simply challenges for those of us who dare tackle them.
On a more practical aspect, the consensus is that Barium titanate is the best material!!
Is this Wilbert Smith?

Mark, I'm just trying to find out if you intend on dealing with some kind of "thrust" action to power pegassus.
Thrust action and boundary layer effects are both affected by high voltage generation and much of the work by Paul Laviolet is pertinent to this discussion.
The bigger question of course is; do you believe there are "further generations" of the high voltage technology which do NOT use thrust technology, -are completely silent, -and create local gravity anomalies which allow the devices to defy momentum laws. If you DO believe these advanced generations of technology exist, -is your project pegassus wholly or partially supposed to present a preliminary design of such advanced technology.
The alternative of course is to forget about the mysterious exotic technology and concentrate on practical technology and materials presently available. Personally I believe the exotic stuff which defies classical physics of momentum and thrust is the result of a breakthrough in material science, and advanced nanotechnology. We may still be 20 years behind the curve on this, and the mysterious silent hovering vehicles that can make 90 degree turns at mach 2 are not within our realm to construct just yet. (MAYBE) :wink:
""further generations" of the high voltage technology which do NOT use thrust technology" would leave only boundary layer effects to work with. I don't see an immediate connection with gravitation.

Looking over the immergence of secret communication systems it would seem that by late 1972, the CIA's concept for a covert intelligence agent communications satellite system had changed dramatically. In addition, the science and technology directorate, and particularly the Office of Special Projects, had taken the lead in designing a totally new system. Such a system was described in a December 14th, 1972, TRW Submission named: "Proposal for a Covert Communications Satellite Study" (source; Wizards of Langley)

Now it seems to me that I have heard of the pyramiders behind this study. They would have needed a unit for sending and recieving anywhere on earth, and it would not have to depend on the presence of some satellite flying overhead for a limited amout of time, like we see in many of the movies these days.

Seems like the NRO would have been involved at some point. The whole system probably sounded like intelligent noise to everyone. I wonder how much of Dr. Brown's communications work may have been involved in this period of the 70s.
Disguising messages as intelligent noise? Is that not the Pfansteihl mechanism? How did we jump from the Phasorphone to Pyramider so fast?

What is ZPF?
Einstein has been using Newtonian Mathematics (integrals) and relying on the constances. All of it was based on the law of falling bodies and the formula F=M.A....
What if all of that is wrong or incomplete?
Einstein himself declared his own conclusions to be imcomplete in his famous "EPR paradox".
Then there is the continuing arguments over the "time continuity theorem".
viewtopic. ... lta#p19664
Recently, I came across some math that has crumbled my faith in all of the classical foundations of math.
I came to the conclusions that first order logic has to be re-examined carefully. Last year I started to look carefully at the proposition 1+i=2 in which "1" is THE "primary integer", "i " is defined as "ANY" objective notion, and "2" is really the foundation for "Clifford space" (the proverbial "Alice's looking glass" as it were). I ran beside that mirror for over a year looking to find the edge of it.
Well then here would be a way to take all objective notions at once, and reach the end of the mirror, which I assume is the chiral version of white noise.
(∞)Σ(n=0) 1 + i^n,
Which diverges to ∞.
We can use Zeta function regularization to assign a finite value to this divergent sum, which is what we need for Quantum Theory, anyway.
lim(s->0)(Σ(n=1)^∞ (1 + i^(n - 1)) n^(-s)) = i/2
Interpret i/2 as you may.
Discard all Newtonian notions, re-examin Maxwell/Coulomb law to determin a unforseen relationship for "FORCE" based on dielectric constances. INVENT---or re-invent the math relationships using "proton mass" as the natural reference. Pay particular attention to Rieman's conjecture and the convergence theorem (Zeta function).
Dielectric constants, now called the relative permittivity factor 𝜀r(𝜔), is closely related to the electric susceptibility factor χe, and is a complex-valued function with both real and imaginary parts.
𝜀r(𝜔) = 𝜀r′(𝜔) − 𝑖𝜀r″(𝜔),
εr(ω) = 1 + χe.
I will point out that the Riemann Zeta function makes heavy use of Complex i-numbers, but that is all I can say on this. Also note the similarity of the last equation to Raymond's 1+i=2.

Bandwidth should be: DC to daylight.
Timespace equation:
w=(-1)to 1/2 power times t
Delta w=(-1)to 1/2 power times Delta t

(interval of proper distance)squared=(delta x)squared+(delta y)squared+(delta z)squared + (delta w)squared.


Timespace is the Clifford algebra Cl(1,3).
Spacetime is the Clifford algebra Cl(3,1).
Jungle lord, may I ask you a few technical questions? :?:
Do you believe without reservation that "Force truly equals mass times acceleration"? In other words : is Newtons foundation for "the calculus" flawless. :?:
I'm trying to look at the foundation for your obviously extensive knowledge base.
Also; Do you agree with the Minkowski equation which defines the time continuity theorem :?:
This may or may not necessarilly be related to the other technical issues you brough up, and I was just wondering. :wink:
I think he is asking if we agree with the use of Cl(3,1) for spacetime. I like JA Wheeler's super-space better. I heard it is related to the Lie superalgebra E10.

I like this French Canadian a lot. He has made it posible for many people to begin to understand the Lorentz Transformaton and the abstract principles that this strange phenomena propulses our minds into another parallel dimension or "matrix" of quantitative values.

Thank you for sending the link. The two newest prototypes have failed to survive the silicon encapsulation process.
I don't understand why but my prototypes are getting more and more difficult to assemble. Does not help that my hands are not as sure as twenty years ago. It is difficult to assemble very small objects under a microscope.
Nonconscious entities also undergo Lorentz transformations so I'm not sure this statement has any real meaning.

Can everyone see that I have trying to envision two planar surfaces (E,&, M scalars)meeting at a single area withing a diaelectric material.
Does anyone else see this picture?
Ampère's circuital law, which Maxwell derived from standard hydrodynamics, implies that the magnetic field is irrotational, which is a flaw Maxwell had to remove before unifying the E and M fields. Another error Maxwell had to smooth out was the fact that the divergence of the curl of a vector field must always be zero. Divergence free tensors are essential to energy conservation.
The displacement current that Maxwell added to get rid of these errors receives a nontrivial contribution from the dielectric polarization. The scalar value of the displacement current is written in terms of electric flux:
𝐼D = 𝜀 (∂ΦE / ∂𝑡),
Wherein ε is the permitivity ε = ε0 εr which is the electric constant multiplied by the relative permittivity factor. It is true that ε may be replaced by a tensor in nonlinear dielectric materials, which is why I don't think Raymond should have considered E to be a scalar in his case, quoted above.

Is this analogous to the quench time for a spark gap in a Tesla coil? In other words, how fast you can turn off or quench the spark? Now I was going to ask you if you could make an oscillator using a tunnel diode and I see you can. I also learned that they are sensitive to radiation. Which makes sense as diodes are used as detectors in radio frequencies. But are they sensitive to gravimetric radiation as well? :?

They are if you synchronize the lorentz transformation time sequency. Mess with gravity and you mess with time ..remember?

On 14 August 1956, Noyce noted an idea for a "negative resistance diode" in his lab notebook. With most diodes, current increases with increased voltage—the more voltage applied to the device, the more current passes through it.
Indeed Linda, The effect was first noticed by Noyce in 1956, but my guess is that your dad alread knew about all of this and wrote it all down in "the Structure of Space". I'm thinking that he would probably also explain the whole 3-space phenomena, and "the origin" of any EM source radiation.

The other issue is that there has been a lot of in-depth studies into all kinds of semiconductor junctions since the fifties. Nowadays physical juncton attributes are treated at extremely small scales, and material purity has reached enormously important echelons over distances.

Now comes the "Quaternion concept" and the emergence of a hollographic ghost of a universe we call the "Quantum field". Suddeny all this "3-space stuff" gets swallowed up into this grand idea where anything is possible if you can control the curent/voltage through some sort of heterogeneous medium.
Maxwell threw quaternions away BTW.

I see Curis LeMay whom Linda actually met in her youth, and the beginning of Douglas Aircraft company.
Anyone else see the possibility that Rand was a name also conneced to Whitehall Rand
^^^^Posted in MJ12 connections.

Did you notice that crest and symbol in dark gold and crimson on the top right side of the webpage in your Dan Burish link. I have seen that crested symbol before. If I remember correctly, It is the symbol which represents a well known secret society. Do you happen to know what I'm talking about?
Try this: When I searched for the name: Thomas Townsend Brown this list came up.

That means the US government just now confirmed that T.T. Brown was in the OSS.

Haven't we allready established that Peter Wright's toy (the MOP) may have been an early form of sound pick-up device using the forces we are looking at here? :roll:

And the Brown technology is an early form of the Blomgren probe, but still using the same forces.

Trickfox, I have always had the impression is that much of the Ong's hat story,including the twins, was a collaborative fabrication of some brilliant creative people who shared a fondness for certain hallucinogens. They were creating a virtual reality world, before we even understood the term.

Actually,I'm not even interested in the story itself that much. I just wondered if it was determined if the Dobbs twins are REAL people or not.
If I had to guess, I'd say they where R A Wilson and R Shea. Two Robs = Two Dobbs.

Two young chaos scientists recently fired from Princeton (on a charge of "seditious nonsense"), a brother and sister, Frank and Althea Dobbs.

The Dobbs twins spent their early childhood on a UFO-cult commune in rural Texas, founded by their father, a retired insurance salesman who was murdered by rogue disciples during a revival in California. One might say that the siblings had a head start in chaos - and the Ashram's modus vivendi suited them admirably. (The Pine Barrens have often been called "a perfect place for a UFO landing.") They settled into an old Airstream trailer and constructed a crude laboratory in a rebuilt barn hidden deep in the Pines. Illegal sources of income were available from agricultural projects, and the amorphous community took shape around the startling breakthroughs made by the Dobbs twins during the years around the end of the decade.
Oops. Nevermind.

If only the world could understand the power others could have abused at that time when I was keeping those PROMIS tapes. Instead I gave them to the house judiciary comittee who were investigating the inslaw scandal and the "Keating five" during the Reagan aministration tactics. The evidence just dissapeared from the public. Here is the last you will ever see of those computer tapes: "sitting on the hood of the car rented by house juiciary committee investigators; ImageOh but it's all Water uder the bridge now right?
Ronald Reagan was a hero.
we don't dare say anything against him, besides... it was Oli's fault!!!
^^^The empty tapes that activate a one-time encryption pad in the VAX 11730 system. Did not prove to anybody that Riconosciuto had PROMIS.

Oh yes...I can make a real dangerous bomb the size of a pineappple. Nothing about this technology would be useful in generating any kind of energy. All it can do is make a very big explosion. Othersise, none of the technologies are of any use in generating energy or being creative.(eccept the "cookie cooler" of course) . The truth is that I'm a passifist so I have no interest getting involved in the arms business. The only project will work on now is a communications project
The "cookie cooler" came from the METC unit. So apparently it is not of "any use in generating energy". Then where do we get free energy to reverse Thermodynamics?

All of you should be listening carefully to Mikado and also looking into "material sciences" The smith chart is used to plot the variable components of certain semiconductor materials which are used in high frequency oscillation and "power transmission" of such frequency oscillations. The physical spacing, contruction, design, tribology, and cassimir effects have to be taken into consideration. In the old days things were artfully constructed then trimmed to their harmonic physical parameters. In modern times we have to deal with quantum effects and other notechnology issues. Back in the 80s we were designing "pixel sized antennna arrays" and these were like flat sheets of dialectric materials covered in a protective teflon.

All this to say that Dielectrics is a far more advanced material science that most engineers and technicians are aware of.

The old days of coil capacitor tank circuits is fine to experiment with and understand the principles. Making breakthroughts however is to push the envelop of the raw material capacities and calculable variable properties. For instance...There is a way to burn a diode junction so that it produces the same tunnelling change every time it cycles through it's parametric frequency reactive qualities, -however the correct frequency must presents itself at the physical node of the semiconductor junction. this becomes a matter of directivity and innertial reference to some local space/mass time base. Like a Neoether.
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Re: Trickfox Quotes (Massive List)

Post by Henry_Yang »

Going to go through more of Trickfox's old comments today. Left off on page 18, meaning there are 80 more pages to go. An entire novel's worth of words to comprehend still lies ahead. Again I hyper-select only the pieces that I think will explain the hidden technology that Brown discovered himself.

One comment of Trickfox's that exists in my memory was that "it all came back to the curl of a vector function". Will be keen on digging this one back up. Already have some thoughts on this matter. Stokes' theorem demands that the surface integral of the curl of the E field is equivalent to its line integral along a closed path. For electrostatic fields, E field lines do not circle around back on themselves, and the curl of the field is zero. Because of this, it is a harmonic function. Harmonic functions have divergence whose gradients are zero which is exactly the meaning of Laplace's equation. Complex analytic functions are harmonic functions of the real and imaginary dimensions. Like the Bessel functions from Riconsciuto's handwritten pages on FM synthesis.

According to Peter Graneau, Ampere was correct, and Grassmann was wrong, when it comes to the laws of electrodynamics. After the Lorentz transformation was developed, Maxwell's equations won out, and thus so did Grassmann. But what if Graneau was correct when it comes to the value of Ampere's laws? Could Raymond Lavas have been correct in asserting that the Minkowski spacetime (a logical progression from the Lorentz transformations) was based off of incomplete knowledge of the time (imaginary) integral? Then what happens if we develop covariance transformations from the original Ampere model. Will the same spacetime symmetries result, or a somehow different set instead? Unfortunately, I cannot answer such questions, but Weber's electrodynamics was the furthest attempt so far in this direction.

Something about Brown's "Fluid Flow Control Grid" system bothers me:

Another object of the invention is to provide a loudspeaker, which is responsive throughout the entire audio frequency range and extending well into the ultrasonic range, entirely free from inertial and/or Doppler distortion.
Why are these waves free of inertial distortion???

But now onto the Trickfox quotes list:

As you have probably figured out by now, I've been holding some cards close to my chest. The truth is that article was written after Bill scott myself and other engineers and scientists met at Jet Propulsion Laboratories in Pasadena California and afterwards Bill and I had a telephone conversation with my former associate.
Riconosciuto again.

The Riemann Zeta Function is a "number Theorem" about the distribution of non-trivial zero distribution in prime numbers. I posted the above specifically for AM2 and those forum members and Lurkers who understand this and how it relates to Kitselman's work. I cannot possibly explain this to anyone in 50 words or less. The reason it relates to Kitselman's work is because of the phenomena known as "convergence to zero".
What did Kitselman do? Search results turn up nothing...

The only thing I do understand is the basic concepts of the Riemann Hypothesis. It is exciting news to me because I believe it supports to some degree the propositions I have made on my website regarding the convergence of an Asymptote beyond the limits of a closed system. This function also happens to be used in some of Kitselman's equations.
Note my earlier comment on Ampere.

So..... Mr. enforcer check the red notebook under the "SECRET"section.

Otherwise, Anyone else will just have to re-read the "intelligent noise" stuff all over again.
I guess that's another GOLDEN THREAD, but Elizabeth and others will decide on this. For me it's only been a 28 year quest to understand something totally different....- like the electrogravitic innertial scalar point of reference ( where the gravity scalar meets the electric scalar).

I'm not EVEN going to try and go back through all I've already posted on this. I simply want to congratulate AM on his comments and encourage him to explore other threads whare I have spoken about this "ultrawideband or "DC to Daylight"" principle.
Gravity is a tensor, not a scalar.

I Believe AM has the correct idea by mentioning the special diode. In fact, I have experience in this type of signal coding.
A friend of mine was capable of "burning" holes in a semiconductor junction using a curve tracer that was specially equipped. When he would put this diode inside the tank circuit of a spiral wound high frequency antenna. The sequency of the noise produced by this semiconductor junction was the result of the delta modulation of a common oscillator and a servo-loop tracking circuit. What seamed like ordinary impulse noise was actually the signal modulated tracking servo-loop (which contained the original signal information). All that was necessary to demodulte the signal was a VERY precise time base, and the nominal oscillation fequency of the tank circuit. The secret is: knowing the precise "Gravity reference point".
Not sure I want to go any further on this.
"Signal coding"??? Is this the RASP VAX setup again?

I'm having a terrible time finding and including math symbols in the forum. That last document you referend to turns out to be a gold mine in helping me understand the "alpha" value. First of all I am probably incorrect about a value of 100, but then that is because I have misunderstood the whole fine structure constant issue in the first place. Now that I have seen that last paper I see that trigonometry values such as SINE CoSINE and Tangent are used in the implementation of this "variable" calculation. I suspect the way I would propose to analyze the trigonometric values would be using CAL, and SAL (as in Walsh Function calculations) instead of sine cosine.
Again, I'm not clear in my own head on this issue so thank you for that question and that link because now you may have shot my "whole theory about plasma sheres" full of holes. (which is fine by me because the truth is exposed and I am not the world's leading expert on plasma anyhow)
Key term: "Walsh Function" (Is this Kitselman's paper?)

You are correct Mark.... That was a very toxic clear type of transformer oil surrounding a multipurpose custom wound transformer 30 Kv @ 1Kw. but the equipment conditioning the input signal to the primary is nearly "out of this world" in design, and is synchronized on a super-accurate time base.
This is the "Olive Green" Version. You can stack these in series to build some serious power here.
Everything is sealed and there is no ark potential due to the ark quenching control circuitry.
The electronic circuit board that drives these units is not shown however I have shown parts of the Schematic to Andrew Bolland, I anticipate further discussions on the control circuitry technology with him.
wound transformers again... I believe I noted already in another thread that Olive Green was code for the METC unit, which can be stacked easily, and of which Raymond said he reversed the second law of thermodynamics with... But what is going on with winding transformers and burning holes in semiconductors???

Just let me finish proving my thesis on the operating principle first. Someone else will have the chance to make money selling these things, because I have a whole lot bigger project in mind next with the FTM. This psychopropulsor project is only the beginning of what we can do when we start "violating the second law of thermodynamics as it applies to information theory".

There are three steps you must take to obtain a beta, Alpha, or Psi prototype and become a "testing beneficiary". The first step is that you must send a short e-mail to my partner and co-developer Dr. Jean-Luc Rivest. There must be more voices to tell Jean-Luc that this whole project is worth pursuing. So far, there is only three people who believe this can be done up here in Canada. If I get inquiries from Kevin, and others from the US or Australia, then the probability increases that the idea will materialize. I have done nearly everything I can to get a few prototypes built, but I have not finished with the math until I've cracked this final stage. All there is left to do is write the software code for the Travatar, and this is where Beau Kitselman's work fits in neatly. :mrgreen:

If you are using one gravitational "scalar reference" over another then your own Psychometric view probably has a "symetrical perspective" influence on it. Your "desire" for the "force reality" to "shift" is positively influencing the shift in force. Let's call it an Orthogonal shift much like the Heaviside step function AND it's antiderivative "the Dirac Delta function" for our purposes I think it is important to PAY SPECIFIC ATTENTION TO THE "Half maximum conversion". It might hold "Fractional ratios" of a specific sequency. Some of this Statistical math comes from Kitselmen's "the Time Teachers".
Statistics. Ew.

We are not even at the quantification level yet. This situation is exactly as portrayed in the Berkely Physics book on Electricity and Magnetism. They start the whole idea with a unique single charge in an empty universe. Then they talk about adding another charge, then they talk about vectors and scalars. This is what I'm trying to describe with 1+i=2. Note also that this describes the notion of a non-Euclidean geometry such as "Clifford" space. If there is only "symetry" then quantification is still beyond our reach.
I mentioned Laplace's equation earlier
(∇^2)(f) = 0,
But not Poisson's equation
Δf = h,
of which I believe was of great importance in all of Michael Riconosciuto's work due to all the hints he gave about "elliptic functions"...

But OH....You probably need the proper design for a multipurpous transformer and A pulse shapping electronic control circuit with an auto spark-quenching circuit hey?

How about calculating the force necessary to reach over unity?

Are you reversing the second law of thermodynamics? Sort-of pushing back ENTROPY ITSELF A BIT!!!

What if we decided to put on a REAL INTERESTING show of the energy control aspects of this High Voltage science?

What if I could turn off the center of a long light bulb filament while it shines red on both sides of the exact spot where I am cooling it. (Through the glass) What if the calculated and measured energy used to produce the high voltage of my cooling probe is lower than the energy required to keep the bulb lit.

Let me send you a link to some Private Data in a PM OK?
The Second Law of Thermodynamics
ΔS ≥ 0,
Gives rise to The Clausius inequality
dS ≥ dQ T
Which means that heat transfer can only happen in the direction of temperature drop as one system exchanges with another one external to itself.
The Blomgren probe is only a small part of this.

Just finished through page 24 and will end and submit post.
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Re: Trickfox Quotes (Massive List)

Post by Henry_Yang »

Looking into Walsh functions, I see they are defined by dyadic fractions, and by the time I make it to page 98, I fully expect to see Trickfox mention this...
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Re: Trickfox Quotes (Massive List)

Post by David Osielski »

Henry_Yang wrote: Thu May 30, 2024 12:27 am I have started digging through ALL of Trickfox's posts to make sure nothing is left behind in the way of the Blomgren + Riconosciuto + TTBrown + Tesla technologies and the hints he left behind about how they (may) work. These are my results up to page 18. Will continue until the end (page 98) when time permits.
Henry, this is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! Thank you for such a labor of love and tribute to Mr. Trickfox

Before you get too far down the long and winding road, I wonder if you could include a link to the source pages?

If we wish to go back and read the original post for context it would save the rest of us ALOT of Ctrl-Fing

Cunning Doves

P.S. I am also still working on a reply to your Travis/Tim Taylor post 8)
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Re: Trickfox Quotes (Massive List)

Post by Henry_Yang »

Although Trickfox's mathematical thoughts are overly laden with philosophy, as shown by the use of vocabulary lifted from the theories of Jack Sarfatti ("superspace") and Douglas Hofstadter ("strange loop"), I find some real insight between the philosophical lines, those of which happen to be forever beyond the realm of proof.

As for the "strange loop" thing, I am not sure that belongs in the math category:
The structure of self-referential assertions is such that they are not propositions in the ordinary sense, where one has only to deal with conceptual entities; but they relate two representations of one thing, namely the actual instance and its corresponding conceptual structure. Propositions which connect concepts without referring to their instances will be called conceptual propositions. For example, the following proposition is conceptual: 12 is divisible by 3. As soon as we distinguish between two different representation of an object, we leave the purely logical realm. Because, logic deals only with patterns of representation, that is, possible instances and not, as it is the case here, with actual representations (or instances). Hence, self-referential assertions are not part of pure logic: They are not conceptual propositions but so-called descriptive propositions. It is no wonder then that purely mathematical accounts of self-reference are wanting in one way or the other.
From "Finsler Set Theory", Authored by: Booth, Ziegler, and Finsler
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Re: Trickfox Quotes (Massive List)

Post by Henry_Yang »

Oops. Sorry David. I did not see your reply until after I posted that small bit about Finsler set theory. I did not mean to ignore your message. Sorry for the disorganized mess this thread is.

The source pages are what you get when you go to his profile and click to view all of his posts, which only us signed-in forum members are allowed to do.
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Re: Trickfox Quotes (Massive List)

Post by Henry_Yang »

In the upcoming posts I will be sure to add those links in.
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Re: Trickfox Quotes (Massive List)

Post by Henry_Yang »

Yesterday night I chanced upon something incredibly odd but neglected to post due to doubts in my mind as to whether or not it belonged here. I think this particular thread is in fact appropriate for it. So here goes.

Studying non-equilibrium thermodynamics and nonlinear chemical oscillators inevitably leads one to the Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction.

When Belousov discovered this reaction experimentally, he attempted to publish. But he could not explain WHY the reaction was occurring, leading the journal editors to believe it was not worthy of any attention. Surely some mistake or experimental error. They never repeated the experiment themselves. Just dismissed it even though Belousov's paper contained all the hard scientific data needed to fulfill the burden of proof. The burden of explaining the WHY, which should have been trivial in this context, was the fatal reason that two peer reviewed journals shut him down.

At the behest of Simon El'evich Shnoll , Belousov pushed forward, and finally, in 1959, got a small, unreviewed journal, to publish the paper. Shnoll then got his own graduate student, Zhabotinsky, in 1961, to investigate the reaction in detail. Even as the mathematics got put together, the results where not widely known, and the world ignored it for almost a decade.

The weird part is the involvement of Shnoll, known for the infamous "Shnoll Effect".

The "Shnoll Effect" is widely dismissed as "pseudoscience" or "crank science". But the thought occurred to me, what if Shnoll is suffering the same mistreatment as Belousov and Zhabotinsky? It took the world a decade to wake up to the good work they had accomplished. Shnoll was the one that helped them make it through the publication process and the research processes and was foundational in the development of the mathematics getting out there.

The "Shnoll Effect" is a MUCH bigger thing than the Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction on account that it has been measured in all systems, organic and inorganic. Because it is just so much larger and further-reaching, it is conceivable that it will take more time for the world to understand it than it did for the Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction. The same story over again, with a magnificent discovery getting ignored, complete with a larger waiting period for the mainstream establishment to finish wrapping their heads around it.

The "Shnoll Effect" is the reaction rates of natural energy processes taking on discrete values that change with respect to time in a way that is non-random and cyclic. Shnoll started with the ATP molecule and saw that it did not fluctuate randomly, but that instead, the number of reactions in a given timeframe varied widely and never fit to an average or expected mean.

Constant radical changes in the amplitude of variation meant that an outside factor was at work in influencing the ATP directly. When Shnoll moved to radioactive isotopes, he found the same effect. Even though an isotopes half-life is immutable, the exact time a given isotope will kick-start the decay process has been observed to be random and unknowable. This data formed another variating data set similar to the first with ATP.

The data, plotted on a histogram, if representing a stochastic process, is supposed to form a Poisson distribution.

Shnoll's data did not form a perfect Poisson distribution. There is a nonrandom, ordering force at work, seemingly omnipresent throughout the entire universe. In the words of Shnoll himself: "The only common factor for all the various processes we experimented with was their occurrence in the same space-time continuum".

The alpha decay rate of an isotope is oriented with respect to space. As Shnoll observed the decay rates in various directions, notably the directions of the Sun and of Polaris, it became clear that direction matters. Space must be anisotropic in order for astronomical cycles to appear in specific, pre-selected directions of decay.

Thus Shnoll concluded that spacetime itself is non-homogenous. This is in exact accordance with Brown's work at Catalina island, which is in a special location regarding the Earth / Sun / Polaris orbits. Sidereal radiation is not really "radiation" because it is not a field or the quanta of a field. It is more like a nervous system that all plants and animals feel indirectly like puppet strings constantly directing the actions of the unconscious processes of nature.

It is known that the mobility of a negative ion is higher than that of a positive, the ratio being ~1.9 in Earth's atmosphere. As the atmospheric pressure varies, so does the outcome of the Biefield-Brown experiment, showcasing the role of the negative ion. The Lenard effect shows negative ions being released by energetic action. So the Biefield-Brown experiment would still work in a vacuum as long as something is releasing extra negative ions. This would require a gaseous field being emitted into the vacuum, technically ruining the vacuum itself. But Shnoll showed that spacetime has some energy content to it anyway.

Might I suggest the equations given by Willoughby M. Cady (ONR Research File 24-185, circa 9/15/52) as an approximate expression to the energy of any Biefield-Brown lifter or UFO disc-craft. Vacuum terms are missing as Cady did not believe it would ever work in a vacuum.

F = ∫∫∫Ep dx dy dz = ((∫∫wp dx dy)/K) ∫ dz = ∫∫∫(w/K) p dx dy dz = (1/K) ∫[∫∫wp dx dy] dz = (1/k)∫(∫∫wp dx dy)dz

The relative permittivity of a perfect vacuum is called the Vacuum permittivity constant ε0, and is too small to allow the Biefield-Brown effect to manifest in a vacuum. But it may work at high energies.

ε0 = 8.8541878188(14)×10−12 F⋅m−1

Cady's report: ... search.PDF
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Re: Trickfox Quotes (Massive List)

Post by Henry_Yang »

BTW I have a single degree of connectivity to Dr. Rauscher.

One of her assistants, Mike Coyle (a genius himself) -and I are friends from 10 years ago. He has kept me abreast of her recent work with the Resonance Project Foundation with N. Haramein.

She has published a paper with Haramein but IMHO it was not earth shaking news, and it did not have much gravity to it, but then who am I to judge anyone's work , since I'm still learning myself:

I think it would be a great idea for Paul to put a few of us together.
Maybe each of us could learn from each other.


Harris -> Targ -> Rauscher -> Coyle -> Lavas -> Riconosciuto

Mathematically, everyone is six degrees of freedom away from everybody else.

Harris -> Schawlow -> Riconosciuto

Connections of three degrees or less are generally considered as meaningful.

Well Mr. Mikado (sir) I knew you would perhaps find the two irrelevant but you forgot that Kevin asked about this for HIS own purposes.

Since You ASKED however...... I am at liberty to tell you that I live in a far away galaxy (let's say "Part of Me" lives in a far away galaxy) and it just happens to be 180 degrees on the other side of the black hole reference in YOUR galaxy.

Imagine that I am way other there on the other side of the singularity at the center of your milky way galaxy. If that singularity is OUR MUTUAL NORTH, why is my right hand pointing East while yours is pointing West?

Isn't my West the same as your West?

Imagine that the center of the milky way galaxy is at 45 degrees elevation at zero desgrees azimuth. We are looking at each other and our mutual north is 90 degrees from both our points of view. Now... supossing we have succeeded in sending a sequence of electromagnetic wave to each other "in an on-off manner". When I am sending, you are recieving, and vise versa. We decide to use a repetitive sequence of something that sounds like NOISE when it is recieved because it contains multiple harmonics.

Perhaps it's just a recording of some electromagnetic noise we have allready both "recorded" and decided to play back to each other at nearly the "same time". Perhaps it is just left over EM noise from the big bang that we both decided to record a while back. We won't know if it is a signal at all until we try shifting our sequency a bit faster or slower to find some sort of PHASE LOCK. We decide to sample very quickly (in the fastest possible fashion that our equipment can handle).

Now..... Let us look at the information "about how the servo-loop tracks and synchronizes". (call it TIME BASED MODULATION)

-Can that servo loop itself be used to impart information between us?

-How does the Dynamics of electromagnetic field equations change under such conditions?

-Aren't we removing one scalar value we call " the actual longitudal distance in meters between us"?

All of this is possible if we decide ahead of time what exactly the on/off sequence of electromagnetic signal we are using is "supposed to be".

Let's call this condition "A-Priory Knowledge".

Phase is proportional to time, so a phase difference is basically a time difference. Phase differences and time differences are dependent on the modulation of the carrier signal, and as the modulation factor decreases, it moves the carrier signal backwards in time, distorting it so that it turns into random noise. A servo loop ("servomechanism") uses a proportional-integral-derivative (PID) algorithm to give feedback to a host electronic device to modify itself into what is commanded of its expected trajectory and function. A perfect servomechanism algorithm could indeed link two devices if channeled on the same pseudorandom frequency.

As Mikado has said the motion is 90 degrees. That is called an "orthogonal" shift function. It becomes a scalar if you remove one of the orthogonal dimensions.
If you live in a chiral world then you do not live in an achiral world, and the only way you can determin is to find a common "universal reference" like the nearest "black hole" :arrow: (the one in our galaxy). Once you focus on THAT "gravity" reference. you have a direct line to a point of "singularity" :arrow: (assuming that every black hole is the same singularity).

If that black hole point is "North" to you, (as opposed to "Polaris") then you have truely found your own "Right" and "Left" and "Azimuth" in "your" UNIVERSE. :wink:
THIS is "in essence"-A "POLAR coordinate system" (based on the "Sine" function hence "Sinusoidal waves").Image
If you then transpose your newly determined position to "Cartesian Coordinates" (Rene DesCartes). With Cartesian coordinates you end up with a "Quadrant based universe system". Now you have established Up, Down, Right :arrow: , Left, Forwards, and Backwards.
So...... Now....... "moving" is "a concept" which depends totally and completely upon your "anchor cross-points". If your anchor cross-points are the "scalar Electric field", and the "scalar magnetic field", then you are subject to the effects of "Electromagnetism" and thus "LIGHT".


However, if your anchor cross-points are the "scalar electric field", and the "scalar gravity field" you have shifted, or moved differently. haven't you?

Light works with Electromagnetism so it's description and practical use is based on a "Sine function".

What if we had another function called "SAL function" instead of the "sine" function". Instead of using a polar coordinate system we use a cartesian coordinate system.

So.... going back to "Orthogonal Shift".......Instead of being Sine waves like the ocean waves, we end up with SQUARE WAVES (digital signals)
That is a 90 degree shift just as Mikado points out.

The information does not undergo any motion whatsoever in a "electromagnetic domain". The frame of reference (Cross-points) have simply shifted differently because of the seperate scalar potential or "displacement".

Walsh functions are made up entirely of square pulses or square signals. The 2^n Walsh functions of order n are given by the rows of the Hadamard matrix H(2^n) when arranged in so-called "sequency" order. Even Walsh functions are labeled as Cal(k) and the odd Walsh functions as Sal(k). "k" is the sequency order.
Cal(n,k) = W(n,2k+1),
Sal(n,k) = W(n,2k),
Compare with
Where f0 and -f0 are the peaks of the wave and δ relates to the Dirac delta function, δ(𝑥), which is zero over the real number line, with the exception of being infinite exactly at the origin. A delta function is a generalized function that can be defined as the limit of a class of delta sequences, and is the continuous version of the discrete Kronecker delta.

Meanwhile you may not be aware that US Patent no. 5,590,031 is the very breakthrough that young and imaginative minds have come up with to prove ZPE is HERE already.


On the road to Tomsk
Authors: Kristiansen, Magne; Guenther, Arthur H.; Thompson, James E.
Physics Today, Volume 43, Issue 6, June 1990, pp.36-42
Publication Date:
Bibliographic Code:
Not Available

AM.... do you think you can find this paper my friend...?..
perhaps look at "Mesyats" and tell us about his transformer...

viewtopic.php?p=13974#p13974 ... edFrom=PDF

Quoting from part of the abstract:
"From 25 June to 4 July 1989, a group of 20 US scientists and engineers from industry, academia and Federal research facilities had a singular opportunity to visit several previously “closed” Soviet scientific installationswhere research in pulsed‐power technology is conducted. These installations, many of which had never been seen by a Westerner, included the Institute of High Current Electronics and the Nuclear Physics Institute, both in Tomsk; the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute; and the Kurchatov Institute for Atomic Energy's facility at Troitsk, near Moscow"...

Thank you Fred... Your references are well known here. I once designed a Fan that a friend of mine made. I was just like TTBrown's version and it looked like an oven rack: here is a photo of it: Well Anyhow I showed this to a visiting scientist friend of mine and I turned it on. It took him several minutes while he scratched his head, then he does the air get pushed through? I don't understand how it works!!!!

All I could do is laugh.

I guess the rest of the story is in Beau Kitsleman's "hello stupid" essay.


In Kitselman's essay, as I have read on this forum, a Dr Edward Teller was shown this fan, and dismissed it out of hand.


Your observations are incredibly astute. when dealing with devices using the BB effect we always speak in terms of displacement, rather than thrust.
There is an obvious reason we do so.
Your excellent observations in the last post in this thread do a great job of explaining why we speak the way we do.


The Electric Displacement vector is a measure of the dielectric polarization vector in standard electrostatics, as given by the equation D=εE

May I butt in here...

F=ma Force=mass times acceleration

Acceleration is a double derivative (d over dt)

When You mess with mess with time....

Now all we have left to do is create the ON-Off switch.....

A biological function maybe?????

Anyone else want to speculate here?

The Walsh function and the unit interval both seem like good models of the ON/OFF thing...


Well made it to the beginning of page 31 and will quit again for now...
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Re: Trickfox Quotes (Massive List)

Post by Henry_Yang »

Goal is to make it to page 50 by the end of this post. It seems the earlier posts of Trickfox do not divulge as much detail, and thus scouring them ends up going a lot faster.

I got to thinking about the fox running next to the looking glass.... running and running to see where the end of the looking glass is.....and all the while looking at the mirror image of itself running along in the same direction.... both of them wondering where the end of the mirror is. I guess the fox may really end up having found the true meaning of P-Brane (or is it pee-brain).

End of mirror = End of integral of f from point a to point b = (a)∫(b) f(x) dx = convergence of infinite sum (∞)Σ(x=0) 1 + xi where 1+i is the initial function outlined by Trickfox himself and x is the variable of integration.


You are asking a very BIG question. There are encyclopedia volumes on the study of "Infrared Viewing devices". Kodak is but a very small player in this field of study.
Hughes Aircraft "Santa Barbara Research Facility" is one of the few laboratories that developed breakthrough acheivements for Satellite technologies and earthbound "SPECIAL " applications of DEWARS and IR SENSORS.

Just keep googling away at it and you will learn the knowledge you seek my hobbit friend. :twisted:
Try here: ... TCOOKIE=NO


A Dewar is a vacuum flask used to contain cryogens aka liquid nitrogen or liquid helium. And an IR sensor detects wavelengths in the infrared range to determine changes in a given environment. IR LEDs are made of gallium arsenide or aluminum gallium arsenide.

Alpha 100 Plasma chromodynamics, and the hollographic universe, chirality and the ultimate inertial reference, The doorframe is becomming much more clear and the crust becomes clear as a bell and soappy smooth.
Got to control those "Raleigh Taylor instabilities" however.
We need help with the bioinfomatic servo loop.

Sorry to leave some behind here but others DO understand and others are volunteering critical info on the ionization issue.

There is violence, death and destruction related to the ionization issues and I suppose we shall allways need to deal with it.

Think..... A-NEUTRONICS and "Catalytic" energy conversion through nanotechnology. We can get away from the harmfull frequencies of radiation which create after effects and mutations beyond the naturally occuring type.

Perhaps...... we must "Learn to listen to Gaia" on Earth, Try also on the moon, and on other planetary or etherial bodies to see what is a possible natural mutation in bioinfomatics.

Reference to Shnoll effect in that last sentence there I think...

Until then the rest of us who live in liberty and are not forcibly muzzled to prevent us from changing what MUST BE shall pursue that thin crust between those who HAVE the knowledge, and those who are AQUIRING the knowledge under the converging timeline theorem discussed by Kerr and others.

I have a lot more to write about but it will have to pursue specific steps of attenuation in all this NOISE. Yes, I knew all about Corum!!! I have copies of his white papers already, but you see this whole process has an order.

See where Jack Sarfatti also mentioned Kerr...

What I have discovered (probably re-discovered) is extremely important, however I find it hard to express the first order logic of it all.

It has been done by Russell and Whitehead under the lofty name of: "the Prolegomena to Cardinal Arithmetic".

Yes there are rules.

Finsler rejected Russell's paradox on grounds that is was defined by self-contradictory definitions to begin with. That was what I attempted to describe earlier in this thread, in a preemptive anticipation that Trickfox bought the "strange loop" idea in full, of which I have a harder time agreeing with.

My dear hobbit navigator!!!
Be assured that everything is moving along just right. Mr. T. will tell you that everything is honky-dorry.
The FTM is far from being a finished material accomplishment ON THIS SIDE OF THE LOOKING GLASS.
I cannot, nor will I declare that I AM "** *****" (you fill in the blank).
I can only follow my nose....just as you are doing....
As for the fan, and all kind of other projects Dr. Brown accomplished.
-Been there...Done that!!!
Here is the FAN I built back in the early 90s:
We used them to cool cookies with in a large cookie bakery.
We put on a demonstration to a scientist at the University of Colorado, and we got exactly the same reaction as Dr. Teller did when Dr. Brown did the demonstration himself.

Bottom line is this:

We are way ahead on several new applications, and rest assured that you will hear more about it if you just follow along on the Qualight webpage.
Andrew has made it possible for the public to follow along the historical data behind this research. This will continue if you pay attention to the Qualight website.

In the Near Future other technical pages will be added on Andrew's website for those people who WANT to keep up with us technologically.
For now.... It is important to follow the story that Paul is putting together in this website.

Actually there are more important technology issues still left to develop.
Here is a project priority list written back when Dr. Brown was still alive and living on Catalina.

The work has NOT been lost. The documentation is in a safe place, and the trickfox will continue the work with the guidance and good suggestion that you... my dear Kevin, -will be offering me in the near future.
Thank you for your continued participation.

Now just watch me do it......

University of Colorado demonstration (2001) cooled off a lightbulb filament through the glass in the absence of ion wind. The spark was quenched in the arc lamp, leaving the north and south poles on, which led to an apparent lack of energy conversation, which is my main goal is to (re)discover.

Who has the documentation?

The information is out there in the universe, and our wits need to grow sharper so that we can sort it out of the noise. It appears that the FTM is something which can be constructed. The rotating three axis superconductor design used in the CONTACT scenario is a very strong
first guess about the fundamental forces we need to harness to do this.

The message interception by Jody Foster is also a very important clue.... however.... people need to distance themselves from the concept of electromagnetic frequency, and start to try and grasp the potential for OTHER communication technology which could exist but remain completely
ignored by the mainstream industry.

After all. J.A. Barrett did make that same discovery himself back in 1900!!!

And you all thought perhaps that the men in black were kidding?

"James D Barrett" is a member of the forum who has interacted with Trickfox several times... Can't find anything on "J A Barrett" at the moment...

Great suspense and is as good as Robert Ludlum or others involved in the navy who purpously leaked the Electrohydrodynamic sub propulsion device that was such a critical part in the hunt for red October.

Ludlum was in the Navy?

We Own the Night - the motto of the NYPD street-crimes division

NRO-11 is Raymond's profile picture on his blogger account. NRO-39 is Peter Osborne's.

This is what forced everyone to see the subjective point of view. Events occued by seperate time internals in which each step is causal to the event.
Yes... I agree it does prove the inaccuracy of either-or conjectures rather well.

This is what is meant by the Finsler sequence 5 β 4 β 3 β 2 β 1 β 0 β x, where 0 β x is undefined. "β" means "follows from" or "is preceded from". There is no x β x as the sequence follows the rule x+1 β x. There is no number that satisfies x+1 = x either.

I had a conversation with someone about this several years ago also. The rumors about TTB effect from devices removed after the command module (space vehicle) had landed back on Earth are well known. None of it gained any credibility in mainstream literature.

^^^^^^PYRAMIDER satellites and J Eric Roskos...

The movie showed me something about the project I am working on. I have to accept my decisions regarding the exact method by which the device is supposed to work is still achievable even though the technology does not yet exist to prove it. I have to believe that I can come up with the breakthrough necessary to achieve it. I trusted myself enough to be able to conclude that I or perhaps someone near me will be able do this task. There is mounting evidence in several experiments with entanglement that the task is widely accepted as scientific proof. I have decided to proceed with three different versions.

One version is True Random, one version is pseudo-random, and one version is a placebo.

I will conduct double blind clinical tests to determine what the final version of the device will be.

I suspect some of you will simply say: Dear trickfox, there is no such thing as true randomness!!!

Let me Thank all of you for your support. I feel it more than you can imagine.

My guess is that this is what the codewords "Alpha" "Beta" and "Omega" mean in regards to the "Psychopropulsier Project", which is a device that generates random numbers and plots a Poisson distribution of that randomness looking for THE SHNOLL EFFECT around its user...

Well I made it to the end of page 40 and because this got so long, this is where I leave off for today...
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Re: Trickfox Quotes (Massive List)

Post by Henry_Yang »

In 2013, Nima Arkani-Hamed and collaborators discovered that the singularity of the integral of the positive Grassmannian gives rise to spacetime itself. This is called the Amplituhedron geometry, and was anticipated in part by the work and lectures of Edward Witten.

So it becomes essential to ask what IS the singularity of an integrand? The most common example is the Hilbert transform, where certain points take on infinite value.

I was surprised to see the DIRAC DELTA FUNCTION sitting right there inside the equation of the Hilbert transform.

The Heaviside function, which is a basic on / off switch, classifies the Kronecker Delta, which is the inverse of the Dirac Delta.

It dawned on me that a discrete HOPFIELD NETWORK, using associative memory vectors, uses the same on / off structure, and that all this math must be related at some deep and yet unforeseen level.

The Dirac delta is in fact the distributional derivative of the Heaviside operator. I believe that Riconosciuto's RASP system is an associative array using the orthogonal functions based off of Kronecker's delta.

I believe RASP can CRACK OPEN one time pad encryption, if reverse engineered. Scientists will tell you it is so secure that even a quantum computer will fail at attempting to break such encryption without the key.

By creating diagonally polarized photons through polarized laser beam interference, Born's orthonormality condition asks we sum of the squares of the probability amplitudes to localize the photon.

One time pads are cracked when one sequence of pixels is overlayed on top of its twin sequence, both originally created as doubly-encrypted polarization keys and separated and reunited. This vertical and horizontal intersection point of holographic pixels creates an anisotropic holographic surface for decryption.

A Hopfield network can see patterns in the randomness of the key and break it. In RASP, the two laser beams collide AFTER being polarized by the Brewster windows, which modulate the pulses according to the specific on / off pattern. A diagonally polarized photon acting as a horizontal pixel and a vertical pixel at the same time means it will interfere with itself and bring together both parts of the one-time encryption pad. They overlay on top of each other like two same-size pages held up in the sunlight to combine all the writing that is on them together.

I need Kitselman's math to prove I am right and not just making things up. I confess this may easily be a result of the delirium I have acquired after staying up late at night trying to finish Trickfox's posts at the fastest speed I can possibly go at.

I suspect, but cannot prove, that Kitselman classified the Dirac delta using the Heaviside function. Or I can take it a step further, and say that maybe he classified the Kronecker delta using the Heaviside function. Which would entail classifying a state space of many orthogonal functions and integrating them into a continuous function.

Only Riconosciuto truly knows what RASP is about. But he shelved the project in 1984. Exactly 40 years ago. A four decades old mystery is becoming unraveled as I type this.

And only due to Trickfox himself, do we have any hint that this was ever real.
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Re: Trickfox Quotes (Massive List)

Post by Jan Lundquist »

"Shnoll Effect" is the reaction rates of natural energy processes taking on discrete values that change with respect to time in a way that is non-random and cyclic.
IOW, Sidereal Radiation in action.


Genius Mathematician A.L. "Beau" Kitselman has his own thread in the Rose Files section of the forum.
  • He was a born cryptographer, saying of himself that he was writing computer programs before there were computers.
  • He read ancient Sanskrit, and translated a section of the Upanishads, that he published under the title of The Time Teachers.
  • He was a friend, then an enemy of L. Ron Hubbard and a member of Max Freedom Long's Huna organization.
  • He studied with J. V. Uspensky at Stanford, but seemingly superceded his work, by developing a short cut that allowed the laborious calcuations of the West Coast aerospace engineering firms to be accomplished more quickly.
I don't know how or if this is relevant, but I saw what was being passed around in the old days as "Kitselman Math" and it was a handwrittern transcription of a page of formulae that Mikdado described to me as gauge transformations..

However, at least one oral history from a Lockheed engineer of that day claims that the speed of the returned estimates was due to the fact that the night shift had figured out how to perform them on the newly installed computers of the finance department, left sitting unused once the clerical staff had gone for the day.

Beau was Townsend's best friend, and Linda has said no one else could make her father laugh as heartily. Beau would write "Hello, Stupid" to excoriate the academic community for their rejection of Brown's work.

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Re: Trickfox Quotes (Massive List)

Post by Jan Lundquist »

Great suspense and is as good as Robert Ludlum or others involved in the navy who purpously leaked the Electrohydrodynamic sub propulsion device that was such a critical part in the hunt for red October.
Ludlum wrote cracking good stories, but I believe he means Tom Clancy. Because HFRO was first published by the Naval Institute Press, people assume that Clancy was a Naval insider, but he was not. He did not serve in the Navy at all, nor work in any supersecret capacity. He was a former physics student, who graduated with a degree in English, and read military history in his spare time, while selling insurance.

Who also wrote cracking good stories.

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Re: Trickfox Quotes (Massive List)

Post by Henry_Yang »

Dear Jan,

As I search Google for references on JV Uspensky, I find his work only in the form of citations. But these citations are in papers about Cryptology and also the IDA (Institute for Defense Analysis), so it appears to me as though he laid the foundations for secret operations technologies.

People like Kitselman and Riconsciuto came afterwards to build up from off the foundation stone.

You can see how the one-time pad encryption method uses it here:

Computationally Efficient Algorithms for a One-Time Pad Scheme
Akritas, Lyengar, Rampuria

But I will note an even more interesting application here:

Starting with Ramanujan and Hardy, quantum partition functions of atomic nuclei, denoted p(n), where used to derive the thermodynamics of Bose-Einstein Condensates.

p(n) was a function discovered by Uspensky himself. Rademacher expressed p(n) as a convergent series, which Erdos later proved rigorously.
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Re: Trickfox Quotes (Massive List)

Post by Henry_Yang »

When I was watching the film (what the bleep) Dr. Dean Radin was talking about a device called a pseudo-random generator. Dr. Radin explained that the device was capable of generating a sequence of positive indications which was capable of transposing the time space phenomenon and that somehow information is being sent through between desired accomplishment and achieved accomplishment.

This tends to indicate that there is a present to future correlation and that certain apparatus can be used to foresee these correlations. I'm sorry but I have trouble believing or understanding how such correlations can take place. I must believe that through some other means I can be sure that such correlations will take place. Consequently I have conceived a way of making sure that the correlations take place.
White noise may be signals from a pseudorandom generator

I believe the answer exists in this simple Quantum Gate. A single semiconductor junction capable of making a decision on the part of the observer. I believe the observer of any event can a-priory influence such an event and cause that Quantum Gate to signal the successful achievement of the event and therefore cause the event to occur.
Quantum gates, being unitary, will have the backwards-in-time waves canceled out by the forwards-in-time waves. Radin appears to believe that consciousness itself can influence random and pseudorandom events. If the consciousness impacts the pseudorandom wave forms in the forwards-in-time sector, the backwards-in-time waves will impart some information as to what that consciousness itself will do next. Truly a "strange loop" with no beginning or end. Only Hofstadterian Reflexivity.

So.... boundary layer technology hey........
yup..... that is a mouthfull.

What if your boundary surpasses the second law of thermodynamics.

What if Shannon law is an urban myth.
It was Prandtl that discovered the boundary layer, aka the thin surface of a body moving in a fluid, is actually separate from the bulk fluid flow in terms of pressure.

flowperson wrote:
Hi Trickfox. Thanks for your answer.

If memory serves wasn't Ted Kaczynski (the unabomber) a rising star in the arena of boundary mathematics when he taught at Michigan and Berkeley ? Just wondering if you might have any thoughts on all that ?

flow.... :wink:
Yup....You are correct Flow.... however I did not get into the specifics of the theories that may have help to influence his politics and sense of morality. All I know is that John Nash was another practicionner into this area of math also. We all know about the movie (a beautiful mind) however I have word from a friend of his that Nash had thoughts more closely related to Alien contact rather than what was portrayed in the movie. I guess they just did not want to introduce the extraterrestrial intelligence specter in this movie.
viewtopic.php?p=10970#p10970 ... 007044.pdf

According to Classical views It would seem that the Shor Algorithm may come to mind here. I am reluctant to put my faith in Shor just yet.
A friend of mine thinks that Shor may be a good starting point, however the "Three rooms for $25.00" gambit may be in play here.
Kevin would say..... "blinded by the nines".

Me..... Well I just completely gave up on integers.....

I'm down at the primary logic level which are non-bolean primary notions.

things either are..... or are not..... or anything in between imaginable.
Reminds me of this letter that Michael Riconosciuto wrote to J Orlin Grabbe.

RICONOSCIUTO: Have you ever heard of the Hilbert spectral processing technique and its application to high speed factoring systems?

GRABBE: I'm not sure exactly what Riconosciuto has in mind here. But communication signals can be decomposed into addable parts using systems of orthogonal functions such as Fourier series or Walsh functions. Riconosciuto may be referring to the results of Xiao and Massey, who characterize correlation-immune functions in terms of their Walsh transforms.

He wants to build his temple (embassy) in Israel to openly invite the first public landing of Extraterrestrial aliens called the ELOHIM.

I have met Rael (Claude VORILHON) -the man, and I wish him nothing but the best. One of his followers (call him Roy) is one of my best friends. Roy is also a wonderful guardian and accompanied me to the Las Vegas reunion last year. All I have is praise for the people who follow this "movement". They may have a rather eccentric leader which I do not believe in, but the people who live this lifestyle are worthy of respect. They have a very healthy and happy way about them, and they respect me as a neutral party.

I hope we can get one of the Raelians to post in our forum actually because these people have a pretty good idea about the implications which are comming to light about "first contact".
And this ties in to some of Trickfox's videos on YouTube.

Note the heart-shaped pools on the ground in the first video match up with the shape, position, and location, of the elevated heart-shaped rings in the second video. I believe I touched upon this subject in my self-introductory thread.

Assume only that you have immediate control over a limited area of physical space.

The rabbit hole can be modified in areas which you have no immediate access to.

Do not be blind to the possibility that you are the star of the proverbial "truman show"

Observe carefully the advice given by hobbits, or dowsers, and forget for a moment that classical existentialism is or primeval importance.

and give thanks to the goddess of discordianism.

forever paradox, amen.

I'm not going to beat this horse to death BUT the Truman Show was the original "Sirius + Synchronicity" Show.

I sure would like to know for sure if T.T. Brown was recognized as one of the founders of the NRO.
I would like to know if he even was one of the founders.

"the need for a highly portable high-voltage source and a gizmo like Farnsworth's fusor. There is evidence in the files that Townsend Brown reached the same conclusion. "

This is exactly what we ended up designing also. The smallest box to produce the highest voltage/current supply conversion. Control features were seperate and auxiliary type stuff like computers and pulse shaping networks.

The key to this technology is in the dielectrics or the materials and their integrated construction. The real breakthrough will come when the nanotechnology is engineered around those same critical dialectric principles. For instance, "Coils" will no longer be "wound" from wire. They will "immerge" in subminiature form from the integrated construction of the materials themselves.

"highly portable high-voltage source" = METC
"a gizmo like Farnsworth's fusor" = Arc Lamp with Spark Quenching Control Circuitry

LISI? ........ would you care to elaborate ?

I heard that Elizabeth R. has left N. Haramein and is onto yet another project in Hawai.
I doubt that Rauscher ever went to work for A G Lisi, although maybe she visited him at the Pacific Science Institute...

(Hector) To answer your question, by all conventional predictions the device should not have moved at all given the low vacuum levels and lack of working reaction fluid. The average power was just over one watt so for something that is not supposed to move at all it's pretty impressive. As I've said I'm putting some new information and videos together to make things clearer. While the electrodes are kept separated by a solid alumina ceramic insulator, the primary dielectric is the vacuum itself. Conceptually it's the same design as a one sided lifter

(trickfox) It's all in "the MATH" at this point. Driver... it's in the "Las Vegas Curve". It's about fine tunning and resonnance but perhaps not using the e/m field
Kitselman math document = Las Vegas Curves

Just want to thank everyone, because this is a great chapter and serves to underscore the seriousness of our present world situation.

By the way, has anyone else seen the PDF version of operation "CLARET".
I keep imagining the name O'Riley under a few of those censored little black and white boxed sections of this "TOP SECRET" report.

Perhaps if we looked in the London newspaper archives for the 3rd of May about the Sally Port hotel register pages being torn out, we would at least know what the actual name under that little white box really is.....

...and who is Sidney Knowles ????? ... affair.htm ... Aug_05.jpg ... arship.pdf

Apparently we are not alone,-- talking about this:


From the first link:

"Sir John Alexander Sinclair, head of MI6, was subsequently forced to resign. The headless and handless body of a man in the remains of a diving suit was found in Chichester harbor in 1957. Sidney Knowles identified the body at the time, something he says he was forced to do by the intelligence services. The coroner accepted the identification of the body as Crabb's, and it was buried without hands or head with the Commander's silver-mounted swordstick."

Kevin is describing what I call "The LAS VEGAS CURVE"

Paul will confirm this idea that I told him about last year at this time.

We were talking about Beau Kitselman's book which I've been so desperately trying to get from his daughter. "The VEGAS CURVE CALCULATOR"

Kevin is right.... Shauberger's work on VORTEX FLOW IN WATER proves the existence of vortex induced ionic discharge, which also supports Reich's cloudbursting device (Which is simply Shauberger's water vortex flow device in a large tube which allows the ions to float upwards)

Fibanacci reduces this whole complex spiral movements to ORTHOGONAL FUNCTIONS and their intersections. (the true first order logic)

I have SEVERAL OTHER REFERENCES HERE and all have to do with Inward Spiralling Movement.

I would quote the math here but that would put everyone asleep, so let me just say that I've got everything we need and "It's in a safe place".

I guess it is time to search The Upanishads for clues about inward-spiraling curves. In the meantime, let me leave off this point with something I read off the Mathematics Stack Exchange long ago...

Upon writing the j-invariant function with j in the form of (A+iB) / (C+iD), and looking for the real integer parts of 27j, one obtains the golden ratio ϕ. (Posted Oct 29, 2017 at 22:37, by Marni Dee Sheppeard)...

frequencies come in SHAPES,, like Pyramid, or waves, or boxes..

Perhaps Kevin knows what shapes describe them best. My guess is that our hobbit has a SPIRALLING CURVE in his mind as the correct shape, and of course that is only in a PERSPECTIVE sense. In reality if you look at a spiralling frequency from the end (or beginning) you see a circle rather than a wave.

The elements of a frequency are a totally different point. If Kevin understands PHASE he may be able to use it in his descriptions. I think Kevin IS definately making more and more sense. I'm just trying to adopt terms we can both agree with. That's all.

Maybe someday we can even agree on the definition of "Euclidean Geometry" (whatever that is)

The j-function is
j(τ) = q^(−1) + 744(q^0) + 196884(q^1) +21493760(q^2) +864299970(q^3) + ⋯
q = e^(2πiτ)
Euler's Identity, e^(iπ) = -1, traces a circle which in the complex plane is a series of spiraling waves...
Note also the connection of the coefficient 196884 to the kissing number 196560 of the 24-dimensional Leech Lattice.

Tony Smith explains the connection below:

"The Λ24 Leech lattice has (3 x 240) + (3 x 16 x 240) + (3 x 16 x 16 x 240) = 720 + 11,520 + 184,320 = 196,560 units, related to the 24-dimensional Golay code. The 196,560 Leech lattice units, plus 300 = symmetric part of (24 x 24), plus 24 produce 196,884 which is the dimension of a representation space of the Monster, the largest sporadic finite simple group."

Peter Wright was England's best acoustic intercept specialist to ever write on the subject in public. I was stunned by his technical descriptions of using a simple long wire as a microphone. He was a master at translating sound into electronic signals. There is no doubt that such a person would have had connections with the lab mentioned in this post. All of this is technically close to Dr. Brown's own work on gravity and acoustics by way of the famous speaker/fan/otherdevice.

Here is the Trickfox version of the "cookie cooling" T.T. Brown fan:
METC Unit again...

All that you know and understand has allready been tried. NOBODY HAS MADE ANY OVER UNITY DEVICES, and I challenge anyone who says they have.

The future of this technology is very radically new.
Isotopes will probably be created by laser and exotic metal vapors assembled out of thin air. Atomic construction layers by layer will probably be carefully calculated to interact with ordinary mater at the microminiature scale.

The calculated zero point energy will be converted right there at the atomic scale so forget about "fuel tanks"
I would think that pushing entropy backwards counts as over unity. But I guess he meant Shannon entropy only, when talking about the capabilities of the METC Unit earlier...

Well I'm having an internet outage currently. I can type but I can no longer see any of Trickfox's posts, or even post this.

When this happens I lose access to all information. Except for what was already open in other tabs.

It is assumed that the upper surface of the integration domain (y = s) is outside the viscous region, so that C = 0. The velocity components are assumed to be prescribed. At the upstream boundary (x = 0), the vorticity is assumed to be zero except at the wall where a delta function is imposed, corresponding to the no-slip condition. At the downstream boundary (x = c), the vorticity is assumed to be zero outside the boundary layer, while conditions inside the boundary layer are assumed to conform to the first-order boundary-layer approximations: (d^2) / (dx^2) = 0. At the wall: y = 0, the boundary conditions are U = V = 0; the vorticity at the wall is determined as part of the solution, and is proportional to the wall shear stress.
This is from the document by John Nash that I linked earlier. It is the only thing I can view in this disconnected internet state.

Let's try something here while I wait on my connection...

_____ __________
l + l----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------l l
l_____l on __________i-------------------------------------i_______ l MORE l
l xxx l l l __________ l l l POWER l
l xxx l ========l l~~~~~~~~l l l LESS l l l
l xxx l l I~~~~~~~~l l lPOWERl l l
l xxx l OFF l Probe l~~~~~~~~l METC l l l l l
l xxx l l l~~~~~~~~l l l l l l
l xxx l ========l l~~~~~~~~l__________l l l l l
l_____I l_________l l_______l l l
l - l on !--------------------------------------! l l

There. Now we have a copy+pasteable diagram of the Arc Lamp that Trickfox brought with him to Colorado in 2001 when attempting to show the world that TTBrown's "Olive Green" fan (the METC Unit) was efficient beyond the realm of "corona wind" or simple thermodynamic explanations...


The information about how to change reality is hidden and twisted into the curle of a vector function which describes the scalar of the field.

If "E" is the scalar, then "G" is the isomorphic and isotropic refference. "M" is only important to determine where the star Polaris is, and thus identify Chirality by using polar and cartesian coordinates.
Shnoll effect = anisotropy of space.
M = Cause of the effect???

I know everyone is talking about integers, but I AM NOT. I'm talking about SETS, Symmetry, and first order logic. Beau Kitselman was obviously frustrated much the same way as I am. It was the article by Edwin K. Gora that helped me to come to terms with Non-Formalism and hidden Variables. It's not all cut and dried like what our children are taught in school. So here are the contributions:
Category theory goes beyond even the notion of the set itself...

OK,.... so supposing I do exactly as David Barclay suggests, and I compose a set of disc materials made of Brownian motors. Then whatever the source and direction of any specific type of "Stochastic noise" may be affecting the mass you can obtain information about it's vector at the very least and another gravity reference source at the very extreme. Perhaps even a source that is latching in on the center reference point (which BTW is sitting atop an extremely high voltage potential!) in your brownian motion.

You are capable perhaps of selecting the solar gravity well in a flash of a second and fly off at right angles from an Earth gravity well. Imagine no inertial reactions at all. High speed 90% turns as see from an earth observer.

Doesn't the word "Ratcheting" (AS IN CAR LIFT RACHET), and Shor's algorithm make a bit of electrohydrodynamic sense to anyone here?
How about producing a symmetrically opposing force to Brownian motion at every conceivable moment in time. ... Thesis.pdf

I can also offer a reference on this because it serves to explain the "zero point energy field". "Rain on the window pane" is used in a discriptive new process called "atomic racheting effects" caused by the assembly of new nano-engineered materials.

Think Brewster windows and unidirectional high energy light plasma sources!

Aquino's MINDWAR document ( an official US army publihed abstract) is very revealing in that it makes reference to equipment resembling electric field generation devices and high voltage generators. Once these high voltage Fields are modulated (in a similar fashion as Dr. Brown's speaker)with a subsonic delta or theta wave generator, they are capable of producing definitive effects on the human mind at a distance (and without the subject being aware of it). At a recent mentalist's demonstration five subjects were told to sit quietly in a row of chairs. Each of them holding a key which was given to them by the mentalist. There was a padlock hanging from a chain directly in front of them. only one of them had the correct key to open the lock and the five test subjects were told to sit quietly until one of them had a definate urge to get up and unlock the padlock. The five individuals sat quietly for a full five minutes before one of them finally jumped up and exclaimed that he knew for sure that he was the person with the correct key. Of course that feeling was carefully directed to his head with a focus high voltage field which has subsonic phase modulated theta and delta waves in it.

I assure you that this kind of experience is very real and there is a Dr. Persimger up here in Canada who has been trying to experiment with solenoid coils located in certain strategic areas on the head. I ordered the coil kit and started to experiment myself however I never obtained the same results as the effects we created using a modulated version of Dr. Brown's fan. We raised earth ground with a 50 Kv power supply modulated by a $10,000.00 Makintosh Tube amps. The "Ramsters" never got over that one.
Aquino believed in the afterlife and reincarnation and that we all come back to life an infinite number of times. I do not know whether or not his research hinted at his belief being true or not.

Bergier talks about his book. He says Nothing is beyond the scope of the imagination, and that plasma spheres were witnessed by Kozyrev on Mars, and the atmopheric content of Mars is well suited to support sudden spherical apparitions of light plasma which have an extremely high temperature and cannot be attributed to volcanic activity on Mars.

I suppose some sort of collision could also cause such a temporary plasma ball, so I guess it depends what those Kozyrev observation were and where the data was recorded.

What is amazing is reading Jaque Bergier's name twice in one day under two seperate circumstances without looking for it in the first place. Now I want to find more... and I guess I will...


Ah yesssss.....the plants...

You see each plant (and there are thousands) has a very precise biometric sensor attached to it and the sensors are all input channels to a giant matrixed array which undergoes a digital spreadsheet processing. Strange loops are detected as posible trouble and just one of these triggers automatically shuts down the soliton laser. I call it a biospheric firewall . I suspect plants are capable of detecting certain primeaval emotions of "pending danger". Sort of the same level of sensing those "fish schools" do when they all turn the same way and shoot away from the predator.
Plant: Gets stomped on, dies

Plant 5 seconds ago: unaware, unconscious

Plant 5 seconds later: dead

Plant 5 seconds ago: worried, anxious, signals distress and knows that it may die

That would be the the Strange Loop phenomena, as reality circled back and edited itself several times to give rise to the cognition and evolutionary adaptations of the most sensitive plants.

No need to think about getting fried by a plasma field operating at Alpha 100. You see... first time around, -we don't get to open the door from our side. We just turn on the soliton laser and wait for lightning to hit the anode (just like Tesla did in Colorado Springs) Something from another brane should just drop out of the Plasma Sphere into our 3-space.
(Sort of like the first scene in "Terminator two" when Scwarzenegger immerges from the Plasma Sphere naked)
Summoning the Elohim for Rael (which is never a good idea)

The thing is, I'm very interested in Physics, and just about everything I need was found at the library. I Know, I spent a lot of time at the Cal-tech Physics library in Pasadena. (where I found only one rare document about T.T. Brown and the Gravity Measuring Cruise on a submarine).
Gravitational radar?

Did I ever mention who my teacher's teacher was. He was an inventor. Back in the second world war, his job was to design and develop complicated and mysterious electro-mechanical boxes that they kept dumping out of allied planes near the nazi scientist's lairs. Those confused and arrogant nazi were so buzy tring to reverse engineer these mysterious boxes that they were distracted away from their heavy water experiments and fell behind in the race to develop nuclear weaponry. You see the thing is; those mysterious boxes were nothing more than useless Rube Goldberg machines, and each one they dropped was a new challenge to reverse engineer.

So Gregg, are you getting the drift here?

BTW, can anyone guess who designed these things they dumped in the German coutryside?

It was a joly fellow named Fred Crisman........

Remember the Maury Island incident folks?

It turned out to be one of the first if not the very first incident investigated by NICAP in 1957.

Now, exactly what does all this mean to our forum viewers.

Does it mean that the trickfox is simply playing tricks on everyone, or is he really a very clever Fox hidding in plain sight?

Perhaps only Mr. Twigsnapper knows for sure at this point right?

Please ......Pass on the Dorritos sir!

NICAP -> Crisman -> Riconosciuto -> Lavas

...Would be interested to know if Crisman knew Condor or had a hand in that Condor report thing...

Okay, that is everything up to the end of page 50. At the halfway point now...
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