Electrostatic speakers

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Re: Electrostatic speakers

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Fluid dynamics

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Re: Electrostatic speakers

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After reading the book and trying to catch up on the numerous threads, this particular one has caught my attention. My impression of Dr. Brown is that he was pretty well diversified but yet I see everyone attempting to squeeze something "gravitic" or "disc" or "fan" into all he did. The work he did in the thirty's on radar was not gravitic so why does everyone seem to think that is what preoccupied all that he worked on?

From my perspective, I see him still having to earn his daily bread in some manner.

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Re: Electrostatic speakers

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Thats a really good thought and I am not sure that Paul has really been able to answer that directly. You are right. The man had to make money to "put food on the table" so even if he was involved in black operations how in the world did they funnel money to him to allow him to pay his bills?

Oh I know in the early days he was supposed to be working on his own family money but by his return to the States after that "interesting" demonstration at Pearl Harbor I think that was supposed to be pretty much drained off. I have seen a quote of a quarter of a million spent out of his own pocket and I wouldn't doubt it.

And during his " wounded" phase I have always gotten the impression that he was " economically challenged" though it certainly never seemed to slow him down. So IF he was working for something that you might call the Caroline Group in a world that tracks money trails faster than anything .... how do you keep your supply lines secure and ... un noticed?

Who paid for the Paris trip? And then the move to Florida? ( before Bahnson " searched him out") who was paying his expenses then? I am assuming that Bahnson paid him some sort of a consulting fee while he worked there in North Carolina but when he left in 1958 and things " went dark" ... who was paying those expenses? I don't think he was starving at the time. His daughter had a horse ( and then two???) and trust me ... that ain't cheap! And then there was the boat. (I am unclear on how fancy it was but I doubt that Dr. Brown would have bought an old tub.) And then there was his green Cadillac which I can see was a 1960 model.( with the car phone, don't forget) Add all of that up folks and Dr. Brown was being paid pretty well by someone because I don't think he had taken to robing banks.

And when did he start using that American Express card by the way? The one that never seemed to have a bill attached to it. Boy. I could use one of those!

Linda? Can you help with any of these questions? Do you remember your Dad keeping a bank account? Any paystubbs from any one. Any ideas? I know how very curious teenaged girls are about money ( after being told that it doesn't grow on trees ... then they pretty much want to know everything about how much you make. My experience anyway.) Do you have any idea who he was accepting money from? And how it got to him? Perhaps Paul has already covered this but I don't think so and it seems a rational and maybe fruitful question. MarkC