Commando Units (then and now)

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Commando Units (then and now)

Postby Victoria Steele » Fri Jul 28, 2006 3:36 pm

Oh! This is FUN!!!!!

I got Cooks book out too and just look at what I found!

On page 60 he writes (talking about the T force teams that were put together to locate German technology and hold it for what was supposed to be incoming "expert investigators")

Now, Mr. Twigsnapper has already admitted to being an "armed military escort" for Dr. Brown. And it was obviously a long standing situation. There was the picture of them in Paris in 1956,remember? Now I must ask since we seem to have circled back around to the information. What ship did the sailors in the picture belong to? That has never been said. Mr. Twigsnapper?

But back to Germany in 1945

Look what Cook says! " These objectives were to locate and secure intact technical targets of interest; to preserve German high technology from "destruction, loot, robbery, and if necessary, counterattack" until the completion of their EXAMINATION OF TEAMS OF EXPERTS or until their removal. THEY WERE ALSO TO ACT AS ARMED ESCORTS IN ENEMY TERRITORY FOR THE 'EXPERT INVESTIGATORS". We have covered this before haven't we Paul, or was I just dreaming it?

So, I hope I am not spilling any beans here but I think this is exactly what Dr. Brown and Mr. Twigsnapper were doing in Germany when Mr. Twigsnapper found the body of the little girl in the pink dress. Am I right?

Amazing how Cook sees so much, but still so little, and I mean this as an observation, not being critical because I really like his book. Victoria
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