Townsend Brown notebooks 1,2 and 4?

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Postby Trickfox » Sat Apr 22, 2006 7:57 pm

Chris Knight wrote:Alas, I never had the priviledge of meeting the man.


Too Bad Andrew.

I though perhaps he was on the committee that you mentioned on the website.

I imagine that gentleman may have been responsible for these projects in 1956:

c) Communication and Remote Control Systems

Applications of electrogravitic induction to communications and remote control are to be developed. Use of gravitational radiation is the objective.

Basic tests with electrically-shielded capacitors and massive high-K dielectrics are proposed. Methods are to extended into full-scale communication systems. Such systems, while similar to electromagnetic (radio) systems may be found to offer many advantages - such as higher penetrability, elimination, elimination of "shaded" areas, higher velocity of wave propagation and a wholly new spectrum of channels.

You Know I just happen to have more details about the above material myself you know? I also like the way you have presented this material on your website.
Again, My congratulations and respect is due here.

Oh, by the way I did manage to reach Gavin Dingley's ex girlfriend the other day. It was a very interesting conversation.

The psychopropulsier (as pointed out in the book The Good-bye man by Linda Brown and Jan Lofton) is a Quantum entanglement project under development using Quantum Junctions. Join us at
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Soteria Website

Postby Chris Knight » Sun Apr 23, 2006 5:37 am

Yes, Soteria as in Salvation Hebrews 2:10.

The name "Qualight" is somewhat unique to Brown's work, and as this part of the project has grown, it seemed fitting to use it instead. The reason I haven't switched over completely to is purely logistics (ok, well, a bit of laziness). Soteria comes up now as first choice on search engines for Townsend Brown. I'll get to it by November, I promise :oops:

By non-traditional and disadvantaged students, I am mostly referring to the people you've probably met in your life - the really smart ones or with lots of potential who are really having a hard time with the education they are being fed. I hate to see them give up or burn out.

Electrogravitic communication is a very interesting field. All electromagnetic phenomena have a corresponding gravitational phenomena - light, heat, radio, etc.

The travelling exhibition and internet banks were originally a concept from when we were considering non-profit status, but they are such great ideas !! The plan is to have Mark Bean manage those and direct at least one of the two exhibitions and the website. The future will tell what happens to those, but I will definitely keep your skills in mind !! To be honest, I am still looking a couple of years down the road on those - first the book :)

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The soterial Project

Postby Trickfox » Mon Apr 24, 2006 2:06 am

Chris Knight wrote:Yes, Soteria as in Salvation Hebrews 2:10.

Yes but the word SOTERIA is Greek right. It's transliteration is "Deliverance" or "Salvation" in Hebrew.

In another sense of this word, the Soteria project can be characterized as the 24 hour a day application of interpersonal phenomenologic interventions by a nonprofessional staff, usually without neuroleptic drug treatment, in the context of a small, homelike, quiet, supportive, protective, and tolerant social environment.

The core practice of interpersonal phenomenology focuses on the development of a nonintrusive, noncontrolling but actively empathetic relationship with the psychotic (but genius level) person without having to do anything explicitly therapeutic or controlling.

In shorthand, it can be characterized as "being with," "standing by attentively," "trying to put your feet into the other person's shoes," or "being an LSD trip guide".

The aim is to develop, over time, a shared experience of the meaningfulness of the benefator's individual social context-current and historical.

Note, there are no therapeutic "sessions" at Soteria today.

However, in another dimension of reality a great deal of "therapy" took place there as staff worked gently to build bridges, over time, between individuals' emotionally disorganized states to the life events that seemed to have nearly precipitated their psychological disintegration. Participants were eventually cured by the conclusion of project technical research objectives.

The context within the house was one of positive expectations that reorganization and reintegration would occur as a result of these seemingly minimalist interventions.

It is rumoured that the original Soteria project house opened in 1971 in Haight-Ashbury district. Around the same time the CIA was getting interested in refreshing new DATA generated by genius level participants in the research goals.

A replication facility ("Emanon") opened in 1974 in another suburban San Francisco Bay Area city.

This was done because clinically we soon saw that the Soteria method "worked." Many now think the ideas were spreading so fast, they were changing society in unpredictable avenues.

The project first published systematic I-year outcome data in 1974 and 1975 (Mosher and Menn, 1974; Mosher et al., 1975). the last Soteria Project ended in 1983.

In some ways this may be the next "public" Soteria project perhaps? It is left to be seen how many controlling unknows are participating.

And now, maybe, -I just suppose the name soterial has a much deeper meaning to some of us who just think we are kooky "Doc. Emmett Brown" personnality with stringy Einstein hairdos and have a personality that makes outrageous public statements.

Never ask a man in black anything I suppose, because he might tell you the answer and you will be sorry you asked.

The psychopropulsier (as pointed out in the book The Good-bye man by Linda Brown and Jan Lofton) is a Quantum entanglement project under development using Quantum Junctions. Join us at
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