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missing things

Postby Victoria Steele » Mon Jun 26, 2006 3:27 pm

Hey grinder,

Thank you for opening this post. It will be a great place where we can discuss what has been already written about Dr. Brown and what Paul has been saying. Boy, the holes in the knowledge what Dr. Brown was really doing are huge , and none of the writers even seem to note it other than to say "he was a highly gifted and unusal man who died in obscurity" Those are Cooks words (page 34 also .... just before he makes the mistake about the death date.)

You know me. That sort of thing just blows my whistle. How can you take the fellows intellectual musings seriously! How can you even take him seriously when he can't even get that simple thing right? Thats what got my dander up about Vassilatos! He didn't even know where Dr. Brown died. Do these guys really think we should listen to any of their conclusions after we note that they can't even get something that simple right. Drives me nutz!

Not to say that Paul won't make mistakes but at least I know that he is sort of "self regulating" on his material. As someone said earlier, its important to make a body of work that will stand up against scrutiny. Actually, I have to laugh because Paul already has a preview group which he seems to have accepted instad of railed against. And I have warned him already that I came into this armed to the teeth and not expecting him to be as careful as he has been (or as touching) See, thats the difference .

Other writers don't even know when or where Dr. Brown died. Paul knows some of the innermost workings of the mans mind and his relationships with other people. Its just obvious that if others might have been "interviewed for this job", they failed.

So, "remember dear?" that sounds really interesting.

grinder, lets talk about Cooks work more. It makes an interesting counterpoint to what Paul is writing. Victoria
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Re: missing things

Postby Paul S. » Mon Jun 26, 2006 4:19 pm

Victoria Steele wrote:grinder, lets talk about Cooks work more. It makes an interesting counterpoint to what Paul is writing. Victoria

Victoria, I think you meant to post this as a reply to Grinder's post, but it has showed up as a new topic instead. Can you please copy/paste this into a reply to grinder's oriiginal post? I'm going to lock this thread and leave grinder's open.


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