Chapter 7 "Preparation and Inspiration"

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Chapter 7 "Preparation and Inspiration"

Postby Martin Calloway » Mon Sep 25, 2006 8:42 pm

Starting this post with the question for Paul. What did you mean by this statement or conjecture, really.

Its almost as if they have their own specialized wireless network through which they alone are permitted to download files from some vast, intergalactic computer? "

Now in Dr. Browns case we keep hearing about this "communication system" that people have heard about and mentioned before , but where is it? Paul, are we talking just some mystical connection here or are you talking something that is actual hardware?

The reason I ask this is that I have noted that before where people said things were impossible theoretically Dr. Brown just went ahead and built the darned thing. Ask the lifter people who are working off of his earlier patents. They are getting the things flying all over the world. Hardware.

So was this "communication system" hardware too. And if it existed. Was he in fact "communicating" or at least "recieving" from some other intelligence? Is that too far out to consider? Could he have been that advanced? Martin
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